The Many Creatures of Elsov and Beyond…

What’s a good fantasy series without mythical and mysterious creatures?

What’s a good fantasy series without mythical and mysterious creatures? One thing I really enjoy writing about are the different creatures, whether they are familiar in our culture like dwarves and dragons or creatures many have not heard before like grøls. In this blog, I will show you what some of these creatures are and why they were created. One thing is for sure: the best source of information about these creatures is the appendix at the end of Rise of the Dragon.
First of all, we’ll talk about dragons. In my previous blog, I discussed the appearances of dragons. So why does The Tales of Draco follow a dragon as the protagonist? There are many reasons. If you have read books or seen movies about dragons, they are secondary characters or the main antagonist. I thought a story with a dragon as the main character would make the story unique. Another reason why I chose Jacob to be a dragon is because of his internal struggles. Jacob’s breed is evil, making him have evil traits like his short temper. Jacob represents the internal war we all face. Confucius once said that men are naturally evil. However, we can overcome this evil, just like Jacob is able to. He may be a black dragon, but he doesn’t have to live like a black dragon. This internal war symbolism also arises in the main villain of the series. It’s not Triathra, but I won’t say any more.
If you have read Rise of the Dragon, you may have noticed that dwarves also play a big role. They are the hostile Monolegions led by a sorcerer. These dwarves are not as short as one may think. The average height for a Monolegion is about four feet. The Monolegions also wear Viking-style clothing with horned helmets. Now you may have seen Gustav Malmström’s depiction of the horned helmet worn by the Vikings. In fact, the Norse raiders never worn such helmets. It was the Monolegions who lived the same area who did. Yes, the Monolegions were enemies to Jacob and Clipper, but there are also good dwarves. They will be seen later. These dwarves are quite friendly and they dress more formally than their Monolegion counterpart. As I have said, the sorcerer is the Monolegion leader. Sorcerers are basically hostile wizards. With the right magical relic, they can be very dangerous.
Now we get to a race of people that is unique to The Tales of Draco. They are the grøls. As I have mentioned many times in the past, grøls look much like garden gnomes. Most are short, stocky, and jolly. And let’s not forget their “Yip!” when they are excited. The reason why I decided to have grøls on the mystical land of Elsov is for Jacob to find something eccentric in the strange world. This world is new to us as it is to Jacob. We people are not used to short, stubby figures living in houses inside trees. It’s odd to us. Grøls are the symbols that remind us that Elsov is a strange world and that there can be magic and mystery there.
            Finally, we start diving into the origins of Greek Mythology. If you ever read Greek myths, you are likely familiar with nymphs. In Greek Mythology, nymphs are the spirits of nature and are generally in the form of young maidens. The nymphs in The Tales of Draco are different than this. Nymphs are about the same height as dwarves, but a few inches shorter. They are excellent in war and battle strategy. Also unlike the nymphs of Greek Mythology, the nymphs of Elsov can be male and female, not just female. Their colonies are high in the trees. This gives newcomers the thought that nymphs are one with nature, hence the legend of the nature spirit.
            These are the creatures and people mentioned in the first book, but they are not the only creatures that will be mentioned in series. In the sequel, you’ll know more about elves, kangrui, goblins, unitaurs, and more. I really enjoyed writing about these creatures and I hope in The Tales of Draco: The Six Pieces, the creatures will dazzle you as much as the ones in the first book did.

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Pearl Forest . . .
“It was a quest I had to venture to know why I was loved here in this strange world. But it did not feel strange. It felt like I was home. As I began my adventure, I was all alone, but I did not mind. The meadows were so peaceful. Once in a while I would hold perfectly still and just listen to the birds singing and the nearby forest inhabitants scurrying through the underbrush. But the feeling of joy seemed to dissipate as I covered more ground. The peaceful ambience died away and silence engulfed the atmosphere.”

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