Why Republish?

Before the iUniverse edition of Rise of the Dragon was released, I had intended to republish the book. I made that decision while revising the manuscript for the fist time; I knew there were many things I needed to learn in the writing field. I wanted the book’s first publication to be sort of a “practice” novel. I wanted to see my writing in print so I could see my strengths and weaknesses, and how I could turn my weaknesses into strengths. Besides, I was fifteen-years-old when I wrote Rise of the Dragon; and as a 9th grader, I knew I was inexperienced in the literary field. I still have many things to learn even today, but now I feel I have enough experience to head in the direction of serious publication.

Overall, I was satisfied with the iUniverse edition. There are a few printing errors in it that I really wish were not present, but I don’t worry about them much. (Printing is Not Perfect) Most of the changes in the newer version are fixes in grammar and word usage.

During this next step in republishing Rise of the Dragon, I’m also editing the next book in The Tales of Draco series. If all goes well, it may be released soon after Rise of the Dragon. I’m also working on a secret project as of now.

In my next blog, I will talk about my experience with iUniverse and give my honest opinion about them.


The Continuing Journey

It’s been months since I last wrote in this blog. I’m sorry I haven’t done so, but that is because I’ve been quite busy lately. I’m excited to announce that Rise of the Dragon will be re-published! This has been a long process, and now it’s finally underway! I’ll soon be talking about this process and the reason why Rise of the Dragon will be re-published.


Stay engaged.

Some authors say they work from sun-up to sun-down. Others say they take no breaks. And some say they have other jobs while they write. This comes to show that each author is different in his or her approach.

There is no strict schedule that every writer must follow, but there is one thing that must be applied: devotion to the work. It doesn’t matter how you devote your time, just as long as the devotion is there. Have you ever read those massive books with complex stories and settings? Some of those authors didn’t just write and edit the story from beginning to end with no breaks (some say they did). Personally I work better if I take frequent breaks. I like refreshing my mind so I can go back into the story with a better approach. I’m not saying my way is correct, but it’s my approach to true devotion. Just remember to stay engaged in your work. Writing a story is not as simple as writing random words with a pencil or typing them on a keyboard. There’s more to it. It’s like any other job. Stay engaged. Stay devoted.

(Sorry if this post is shorter than usual. I’m currently doing some serious editing in my next book. It looks like there are some publishing options ahead!)

Keep Your Head Forward…

You’ll never know what you can accomplish unless you try.

Discouragement is a common emotion to feel in the writing field. It can happen to any author or aspiring writer. We have big expectations. It is easy to envision yourself as the next Charles Dickens or J.K. Rowling. When you begin your rough draft and you come across your first writer’s block, you may begin to doubt your primary expectations. You realize that it won’t be an easy journey. When you finish your manuscript, you try to have friends and family read it and critique it so you can get honest feedback. But those who say they would help you end up giving a mediocre response or don’t even finish reading your manuscript at all. Then you try to get your story published only to get rejected time and time again. And even if your story is published, you go through it only to find printing errors.

The writing process is difficult. Writing is no stroll through a daisy field, nor is it a trek through thorns. The path consists of all kinds of terrain. When things don’t go exactly as planned, you may feel discouraged. The trick is to not let it get to you. I would say that if you try hard enough, you’ll eventually fulfill all your goals. But that is sadly not always the case. However, you won’t get your best chance if you don’t try. Whatever is holding you back in your writing, find ways to overcome it. One of the best ways to do this is to take a little break. Go on a walk or talk with loved ones. Letting yourself go for a little bit can help you clear your mind. This is especially true if you are stuck in a writer’s block. Taking a break can help you sort things out in your mind.

Just remember, J.K. Rowling’s first novel has been rejected many times. During that time of her life, Rowling had many challenges. She was very discouraged by this. But she kept her head forward. She used her setbacks to her advantage. Her novel was eventually published and now it is one of the most successful books in history. Now your luck may differ from Rowling’s. You may reach all your goals, or you may not. But remember to keep your head forward. You’ll never know what you can accomplish unless you try. Don’t let your trials uphold you.


If you want to find help overcoming some common writing trials, click here to read about tips and benefits by Ryan Lanz.

Pains and Rewards of Publishing

Do your research.

I’ve mentioned the sweat and tears that go into writing. The publishing process is a whole different story. Publishing is so much different from writing. It’s difficult in its own way. There are mainly three ways a book can get published. I’ll be talking about two of them: traditional publishing and self-publishing. These are two different breeds of sheep. But you must be careful because some of them may turn out to be wolves. There are plenty of scams out there and it can be a really messy situation to be entangled in one. If you are looking for a publisher, only go to ones that are trusted. Luckily, there are red flags you can watch out for so you know which publishers you can trust.

The most well-known method of publishing is the traditional way. This type of publishing may be the most difficult regarding the process of making a manuscript a book. First you need to finish your manuscript; never open yourself to publishers before your manuscript is done. Second, find a literary agent. This may be one of the hardest steps. To get an agent, you want to let him or her know that your work stands out and will be a true success. You have to write a query letter the agent know that. Query letters are really tough to write correctly. It’s a good idea to research how to write one if you want it to be successful. Once you get an agent, he or she will look for a publisher. Traditional publishing is hard, but worth it. This method can really get your book out into the world. Now you must watch out. There are plenty of scams out there who are preying on you. Never submit to an agent who asks for a fee to read your manuscript. Literary agents get paid only if you do. There should be no cost to submit your work. Be sure to do your research on whatever agency your looking into to make sure you can trust them.

The second method of publishing is self-publishing. Oh boy, here we go. Self-publishing is an easier way to get your book out into the world, but it is a real gamble. Unlike traditional publishing, you have to pay to publish the book. You also have to manage everything yourself, so it can be a lot of work. And like traditional publishing, self-publishing can be dangerous if you are not careful. Don’t expect that you’ll be a bestseller. It’s possible but unlikely. And remember, BE CAREFUL. It’s really easy to fall victim of scams or mere marketing schemes. Your consultant may get you to think that he or she will do whatever he or she can to make your book popular. The consultant may talk about sending your book to various places and invite you to travel around the world to big conventions. What the consultant might no tell you is that the expenses come from your pocket. These events can cost thousands of dollars. Many of these self-publishing companies aren’t evil, but they just play the dirty advertising game. If you plan to self-publish, remember what you are getting into.

There is no right or wrong method in how you publish your book. It’s okay to try and find a literary agent and use traditional publishing. And it’s not bad to self-publish your book. If you want to publish, find a publisher. All you need to do is know where you’re going so you don’t get scammed. Do your research and try your best, that is the greatest chance in having your book become successful.

I had my own method of publishing Rise of the Dragon. As of now, it’s self-published by iUniverse. But I’m not planning on self-publishing all the books in the series. The reason why I self-published the first book is so I know my strengths and weaknesses in my writing. I can get all sorts of feedback that can help make The Tales of Draco the best it can be. This gave me experience in the field of an author and I don’t regret doing this. But iUniverse is no different from any other self-publishing company. They give me all sorts of opportunities to travel around the world on book tours, yet they cost so much money. I don’t worry about these offers because I’m not officially using the self-publishing method for The Tales of Draco. I simply self-published for practice. But if you want to self-publish, that’s okay. There have been many books that were successful through self-publishing.

In the end, just be careful. Publishing a book is a very accomplishing task, no matter the method. There are many honest publishers out there who are waiting for new books. Do your research and good luck!